Thursday, January 06, 2011

Back. Kinda.

I was gone.
I had to go do a job that took me away from my family for four days!
I left early on Monday, and then I busted my ass until Wednesday.
Then Wednesday afternoon once it was apparent that we would not be able to finish the job and leave on schedule, I got roped into staying another night to work all day Thursday.
And we still gotta go back tomorrow to finish up!!
What was I thinking!?

While I was gone these things happened:

-Our presents from our trip home arrived in the mail!
-The Burger started to speak in only complete, well articulated sentences.
-Something with T, but I am not sure what it is and suspect some kind of secret.

While I was gone these things did NOT happen:

-The laundry.
-Groceries being gotten.

It is just a weird feeling because we got back to NY and then immediately I had to go back to work without getting my bearings back. Then I left for the Hamptons, which is a lot like WI but with way more rich people.
I want some time to myself bro!

One thing I did while I was laying in the hotel was drink free beer. I got to get a couple different kinds, and they were all good. They make the one I am drinking currently taste like pretty bad beer.
But what do I know about beer? Really, I mean, really?
Beer is beer is beer.
And until I can make my own somehow, whenever they invent THAT technology, I gotta drink what they sell me at the store.

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