Friday, January 07, 2011


What a long, back breaking week.
The first week back to work.
I was going to write about resolutions for the new year and how I was going to resolve to have a better attitude about my job.
Then this week hit me right in the teeth and I decided to instead just stuff any resentment and complaints down in my belly and hope for some ulcers to get me outta there.

Then I came home and my home had turned on me.
I don't know how to really explain it better than that.
I just felt out of place and betrayed by being back at my house.
What I was fantasizing for wasn't there, and it just felt like crap.

I have to work on my fantasies and not let them disappoint me since they are unrealistic pipe dreams.
I am sorry to be such a downer so soon!
You deserve better.

I promise to work on it though.
My attitude.

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