Friday, January 14, 2011

Let's Help.

You know how there was that huge snowstorm that ruined the city for a couple of days?
Well there are still a bunch of huge icebergs along the sides of the streets.
So The Burger and I set out to climb, conquer and claim the one in front of the
Boar's Head deli meat distributor.

When we got to the top He was all like:
"So you got the claim flag, right?"
"PLEASE tell me you remembered the flag! It took us an hour to get up here!"
"Well maybe one of us should learn how to put our fucking mittens on and we could have gotten an earlier start!"
"DAMMIT! I told you I don't know what the fuck a fuckin' thumbhole is!"

On and on we screamed for the better part of 15 minutes until we remembered that we had to get home to watch the Packer game. So I got down on my belly and he jumped on my back and rode me down the side of the berg.
The rest is pretty uneventful... unless you consider a HUGE Packer win uneventful in which case it may be time you asked yourself if this relationship is really worth moving forward with?

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