Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thesis Statement.

The collected writings from four Januarys.

January 2007
Geez! only one post, but it I was going through a lot of shit at "home".
Mainly, trying to wrap my head around the fact that Brooklyn was my new place to call home.
BUT! I will say this: I no longer am relegated to working on drawings that I can only fit on my scanner bed.
In fact, I don't even use that scanner no more!
You want it!?
10 bucks!

January 2008
AH, a great year to be a Packer Fan! This of course was the last year that the Packers would win a playoff game with BF.
I watched that game at San Loco in W'Burg, and had to hold back my tears when they lost because I invited some guys from work to meet up with me... like a dumbass. Still, it was a good year if for no other reason than the photo of my Brother spiking a baby.

January 2009
"I was already running late because I took a little extra time to get to know my son by
stuffing his face with some wheat and mango."

January 2010
This year is great, possibly because I remember it so much clearly than the previous years and possibly because it represents (in my mind) the culmination of the previous years! Holy crap! I am a Dad. I have a job... that I actually go to!! T is heading off to school and the Burger is up and running! Like I said, Holy Crap.

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