Wednesday, January 26, 2011

When the cold set in.

It is hard to think of things to do with my family sometimes.
I think that is why we choose to argue most of the time.
It is the easiest choice and we are all super lazy.
But we kicked our asses the other morning and got up and out early enough that we didn't even have time to question what exactly it was that we were gonna be doing.
So we got groceries, and then we went to the park and it was great because it was totally empty and we could be as loud and destructive as we wanted.
Or I should say, as I wanted.
I tossed the Burger around for a while.
Then I chased down T and hung her upside down on the monkey bars.
It helps me work out my aggression in a creative way, and it gives them a chance to bond by "hiding".

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