Monday, January 31, 2011

Word Up.

I was talking around the fire with some dudes.
We were talking about the crazy weather, or extreme weather, the blizzards, the tornados this summer.
We talked about early Science Fiction.

I think that I came away from this talk with this:
I don't think that it is about WHY the climate is changing, it's just that it IS.

And the early science Fiction writers knew what was up.
They predicted this life that we live in, and I think it is interesting that it worked out like this.
I am not completely aware of what modern Science Fiction might be, but I wonder if it accurately predicts the future like the early stuff did.
Didn't those first authors just build off of what what they saw happening around them?
They saw the frontiers of humankind's imagination and just built off of that?

Around the fire we talked about how we are kind of living in this dystopic future that many of them predicted, but it is not nearly as bad as they thought it would be. I mean, it could be much worse.
For me.
And possibly you.
Still it is bothersome and I understand the people that see our future as doomed.
But I have to wonder if it STILL hasn't gone bad, is it possible that it may never do so?

Who knows?

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  1. I've been reading your wonderful blog now for some time and I just wanted to tell you how refreshing your writing and posts are. I live on the other side of this Continent and like the science fiction of old, I have discovered a very intriguing life force thru my computer screen.
    I have four grown children and no grandchildren as yet. I've adopted your wonderful family in my heart. I love to see how you all stretch & grow. Thank you for sharing your light & shadow, Matthew. Sincerely, Pattra

    Have you read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins? You might find it interesting.


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