Friday, February 18, 2011

Any Second Now.

I am on to something.
I am really riding the waves.
It is therapy.

I wonder if this is what celebrities feel like all the time?

I just watched a bird land on a stick in the backyard.
The bird flew away and the stick fell over.
Birds, huh?

More like Beers, right!?
Yes, it is a 3DW and we lived another day.

From what I can tell, LA is being invaded by aliens, right?

I pray to the Universal Flow.
That is what I told my Doctor.

...So they make these technological gadgets that do everything.
...They give us all this stuff to "do" with them.
...That way we keep these gadgets on our person at all times.
...That way they always know.

That's what the kids at the park were saying anyways.

The Birds are out in full force!
Holy Birds!!

That will be something else.

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