Saturday, February 19, 2011

Onward March!

I told him that if he would come with me to get groceries that he could pick out a treat.
He picked a frozen watermelon pop.
Then we sat outside, like it was Summer in February.
Then he started shivering so I took him inside.

My Huz and I are itching for change.
Not like on the street or anything.
But in out brains!
She was talking about it this Summer, the real Summer.
Then the shit went down in her personal life.
And the school started again.

She needs a vacation.
So that is why we are going on to take our chances on the West Coast.
For a week.
With no Burger.

But I feel like it is something that needs to happen for us.
We have to find ourselves again.
Then we must carry that feeling through the Spring full into the Summer.
It just feels like a big deal.

The wind is really blowing outside.
It is making everything seem very dramatic.
I am giving myself goosebumps.

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