Monday, February 28, 2011

Show Me Chimp City!!!

So's as you can see T trimmed my eyebrows.

I just ate a cookie.
The Girl Scout Kind, You know?
I practically swallowed it whole.
It was delicious, but I was disgusted by my behavior.

I need some new lamps up in this mug!
I need things properly lit dammit!
Can't see nothing up in here.

I got an early day tomorrow.
Like an hour early I got-to-be at work.
I don't know why because I didn't see the schedule for tomorrow because I had to jump out of the truck (while moving!) and get on the nearest train in order to make it home on time to free the babysitter.
It was some serious shit.

A fun joke to play when you are doing this is to pretend you are being followed.
Add some intrigue to your life!

Anyways I rode home on the train and I didn't even share my seat for anyone.
And I thought about what I normally think about when I ride the train...
Chimpanzees never built no city.
Chimps never built no train.

I rode a truck over a bridge and then I rode a train through a tunnel below the surface of the earth and even under a river.

What did Chimpanzees ever do collectively besides get really angry and rip peoples bodies apart?
What? Stick a twig in the ground to eat ants!?
Oh don't make me laugh.

IMAGINE being the scientist in the field, chopping through jungle for weeks on end...?
Then one day you stumble right into the middle of a thriving Chimp Metropolis.
What an amazing discovery.
I hope they dress themselves the way that we dress them.


I must go, I hear the Burger coughing.
Tomorrow is his birthday.

I have to make him a blue cake.
If I don't make him a blue cake, then I have failed him!!


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