Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Gimme an A!

Things just pop into your life sometimes and you don't even know where they came from or for how long they will stick around.
That is the story of the hat I strapped onto my son, pictured above.
I had that hat for a couple years before I ever met T.
I honestly have no idea how it has stayed with me all these years, or WHY it has stayed with me.
It has no special box that I keep it in.
There is no mannequin head that proudly displays it.
I just open a closet door and there it is.
It is mildly cool outside, so I put it on the Burger.

But I think about that, how we carry all these things through our lives, and they serve a purpose at some point and we rarely get to decide what that purpose will be. Often it seems that the objects decide.
Use me.....NOW!

It was just a silly prop hat that I got at some point.

Anyways, Burger is 3 now.

The strangest memory that I have about this whole thing being a parent is a conversation I had with in the Baby Truck with Jr.
We were driving back from somewhere, I guess it must have been upstate somewhere, and I already knew that T was pregnant and it was quiet, and I just sort of blurted it out "T is pregnant, I'm going to be a Father."

That was more than three years ago.
And all I wanted at the time was to be where I am right now.
And here I am.
Here we all are.

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