Monday, April 18, 2011


I am a man.
But what does that even mean anymore, really?
Anyways, more importantly, I am patient.
I am very patient.

Slow and Sure.
Like Thomas up the hill.

What are you supposed to do when someone is pushing away from you?
I think I learned you are supposed to try and hold onto them tighter.
I think I learned that in Cub Scouts.
Pretty sure.

I pinched Burger's nose.
What happened was he escaped from T and I and made it through the gates at the train station, the kind that are like cheese slicers, and I yelled and jumped in front of the line to grab him but he is just looking at me like we are playing a game and I pick him up to hold him because he scared me so bad and then he screamed in my face really loud and that's when I pinched his little nose.

That was how the weekend started, but it got better.

Like for example I took some photos of all my new drawings.
These are two of them.
Two out of twelve.

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