Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hot Shovels.

What do you do with a whiny Burger?!
Stare into the middle distance and listen to the stones grow?

I saw this bus and felt excited for the future.
I was out with the boy while Tdubs was studying.
I wished she could have seen it with me.

This is basically what I see for our future adventures as a family unit.
Roaming the country, nursing people in need and falling asleep on top of the bus while watching the stars.

First we have to get through the schooling, which is almost done really, but according to Tdubs school life is the worst so there is really no reason to be excited about anything right now because everything sucks.
She says this to me and my mouth drops open in horror.
How can this be an actual attitude?!
Surely she must be kidding!
I must be blissfully oblivious to these dire straits.
And why would dire straits even be a bad thing to find yourself in since last time I checked, that dude can shred some wicked licks and chops! Those are music terms BTW.

So like I was saying, school sucks, but it's almost over.
We are going to have such a sweet graduation party!
Is there such a thing as a vegan pig roast?
If not, I still have some time to figure out how that could work.
Mainly I just want a reason to roast something on a spit.
A good old fashioned spit roast is EXACTLY what the doctor ordered.
You heard me.

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