Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Turning Into Mom.

This dog just walked right down into the water.
Like it had done it a hundred times before.
Like the most natural thing.

The Burger falls asleep almost right away when I put him down.
I take this as a sign that he is really very comforted by the thought of my presence or that I am just really boring to him and there is no reason to stay awake one more minute.

Having a family is a weird thing to try and do.
I just make it up as I go along though and I guess that is about the best anyone else ever did.
I just try to remain "present".
The future drives me crazy.
The past was nice, but that isn't now.

Now is always happening.
Even with a family.
And it is some work let me tell you.

Get them on a bike.
Show them a waterfall.
Cook them some foods.
Talk to them and pay attention to them.
Get them some cones.

But lately my brain has been guiding me like a laser.
I am paddling surely but wildly towards something in the near distance.
I feel like this is the homestretch for something that I don't know what it is.

So things are going great.

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