Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Confusion and Delay.

We went to T's school today, it was all the way up in the Bronx!
She had some paperwork to take care of and we had some grounds to explore.
Burger and I ended up at this little spot that looked over the Metro Tracks and that is where we sat for about 45 minutes.
That as all it took to keep him quiet and still.

Yesterday I had to remove the plug from the stopped up drain in the bathroom.
As I was pulling the cap off the drain, something inside snapped and with all my force I pulled my thumb across the edge of the faucet, peeling a strip of skin about 1/2" clean away.
The thing about hurting yourself like that is that it takes a minute or two in order to really start feeling it.
If you act quickly, you can get a lot of the painful first aid out of the way.
Thus saving you tears and useless swears.
What I ended up doing was washing it with soap and water, which is the correct thing to do.
Then, because the drain was exceptionally dirty, I decided to use some instant sanitizer on the wound.
This was not the correct thing to do, or maybe it was, but it was the most painful thing I could have done aside from pouring gunpowder in the cut and setting it on fire.
At least that would have looked more bad ass.
I'm just lucky I didn't pass out and fall face first into the edge of the kitchen table.

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  1. It doesn't sound like anything serious, but do be more careful. We, people, don't appreciate enough what we have and blindly jump to whatever. Eventually after we realise the danger we simply say- next time I should be more careful. However when we hurt ourselves, permanently, we understand the importance of what we lost. I really do hope once you read this you will understand how it's relevant to your little "incident". Keep safe.

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