Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hulk Pants.

You know those two big statues that you have to ride between that shoot you with lasers?
From the movie?
Well I feel like the guy on the horse slowly approaching a scary thing.

My Family is leaving for 10 days.
At the time this was a fine idea.
Then some things changed, and now I am just sad.
Sad and scared about how much I will miss them.

Sure there are going to be some interesting, positive changes.
But under it all I will just be lurching around, crying.

Or maybe not!
I have to keep busy and not dwell.
I must pull in all my tracks and be a rock.
An island.
An island of productivity and strength.
Inner strength.

Anyways, enough.
How is you?
Are you sleeping a lot, even during the day.
If so, why are you doing this?

I thought it would make all the difference once the weather changed.

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