Monday, May 16, 2011

Scenes From The Party.

I went to a party last night.
It was a real rager.
Just look at those plants!
You KNOW it's a rager when those guys show up.
They even brought beers!

The Burger is very quietly moving the vacuum cleaner behind me.
I can tell he is trying really hard to be as quiet as possible since he knows that he isn't supposed to play with that thing.
He is whispering to it like it is his coconspirator.
Maybe I should just let him play with all the things he isn't supposed to play with because this is the most silent and still he has been all F'ing day.
Earlier he stole my screwdriver and was playing with that and although it made me nervous, he was using it on his Legos.
Last time I checked that is just cute, not dangerous.

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