Saturday, May 14, 2011

Good Guy.

I took Burger to his special new school yesterday.
He had been there before, but yesterday was the first time for me to take him and drop him off.
I was unlocking the bike and I heard this weird breathing noise and looked up to see him pressing his nose against the screen with eyes that looked about to burst with tears.

As I rode away I could hear him yelling for me but T told me that in her parenting books they say to just go and not worry because if you stay and make a big deal about it they will always pull this stunt and you'll never get anything done.

This morning I built him a modified tunnel/bridge for his trains.
Because that is the kind of Dad I am.
Or at least, that is the kind of Dad I try to be most of the time.

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  1. Truen is right. Very hard to walk away but soon he won't want to go home with you at night when you come to get him because he won't be done playing with his pals!


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