Monday, June 20, 2011

Game Over Man, Game over.

Well, congratulations, you killed the ocean.
You, Me, and Everyone we know.

I don't mean to be a bummer, I am still dealing with this information as well so, you know...

Whenever I read these scientific reports I get so scared and angry.
I want to run down the street screaming "We have to DO something!"
And everyone watches me streak by (yeah, I'm naked, so what?) and they look at each other and then they look back at their Televisions and Monitors and Little Glowing Screens.
A collective shrug.

Really, what can be done?
Sure we could tax the rich and super tax the super rich.
We could form an endless ocean of humanity in front of all the major industrial contributors to the global crisis at hand.
Of course, this would mean we would have to stop with all these fucking wars and political distractions...

My friend Justin said to me that it is every generation's job to try and handle the problems as best as they can and then pass those problems onto the next generation.
That is not a direct quote, but it is close enough.
And then in some song that they used to play on the radio, the guy says every generation thinks it's the end of the world.
That is probably true also.

But it seems like in the past the powers that be were able to hide enough of the facts to keep everyone moving along nice and orderly, and now with the wealth of information at our disposal at all times there is just no way to hide it all.

I just feel so guilty.
I try and do my best to add as little as possible to the problems.
But the list of contributing factors is so great that it is basically impossible to have clean hands anymore.

And then, when I read these articles, I wonder why even fight it?

Gah! what a bummer am I!?
I'm sorry.
I jsut been very emotional lately.
I hope I'm not pregnant again.

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