Friday, June 24, 2011

The Gift Of Life.

What are your favorite, most memorable gifts that you got?
What about this question instead: What was the most influential, powerful gift you ever got?
Sub Question- Should they not be one in the same?
I think that they should be.
At least they are for me.

When I was little the best present I got was this game called Crossbows and Catapults.
It was this game where you and your opponent built little castles out of plastic bricks, and then you took turns firing little pucks at each other's castles with - wait for it... Crossbows and/or Catapults!! It was a great game and one of my best memories of time spent with my Dad.

When T and I first moved to Brooklyn, we were a mess.
And if you followed this blog during that time you probably picked up on that.
During that time she got me a present, it was a birthday prezent and it was the single best present of all time.
She got me the audio CD of David Lynch's book Catching The Big Fish.
I put it on my iPod and listened to it non stop for about a month.
I would listen to it as I walked around the city, or on my way to some freelance work I had scored, and I would be so moved, so inspired.
David Lynch reads the passages himself, so it was like he was talking to me, like he was talking ONLY to me.
And since at the time I was having all this inner conflict in my brain and a lot of what he talks about is how he deals with problems in his creative process, it was like I had him as my therapist/motivational speaker and I swear that this alone saved my life.
Or at the very least my marriage.

Since then, and this must have been 5 years ago now, I always have it on me, ready to go in case I need some inspiration or confidence. It is the single most amazing thing I have ever heard and I recommend it to everyone, whenever I get a chance.

I am so lucky, not only to have received such a helpful life tool, but also to have met someone in my life that knows me well enough to be able to pick out the perfect gift. Mamma T knew what I needed, and if she couldn't give it to me at that time, she went and found someone that could.

And today, after all this time together, and after all this time listening to David's words over and over, I have finally accomplished a major life goal and it is all because of that special gift.
It is a great feeling.
I hope that you know what I am talking about, and that if you don't you keep yourself open to the possibilities that life has to offer.

I'll talk to you later.

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