Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pride Parade.

Today we went to Prospect Park for a pic-a-nic.
Yesterday we went to the same park also, but today we did this also, and it was different because of the picnic and because Mom came with us and we were meeting our friends there.
So it was different.
But both days I took Burger over to the dog pond so he could see fish and turtles and so that we could cool off our dogs, by which I mean feet.
Then today this lady came up to me and said that if she had kids the dog pond is the LAST place she'd let them play.
I told her that we weren't playing but instead conducting very important research into the nosy-ness of older, childless women.
No. I didn't say that.
I just told her that none of the kids were mine, I just enjoyed watching them.
But it still kind of put a damper on what was quickly becoming the most fun thing to do on Erf, so I packed up the Burg and took him back to the picninic site.

We also saw a blimp today, at the park.
Holy shit.

Now we are home, and he is in bed and T is reading her "kindle" and I am sweating profusely.
All is right with the worlds.

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