Sunday, July 24, 2011

All the Things You Leave Behind.

Check out my colors!
You like those?
Yeah you do.

Time flies by I'll tell you what.
Like, this photo is a year old! WTF?
That is why when I bought my two pounds of cherries this afternoon I didn't even bat an eye when I saw the price on the monitor. I said to myself "Maybe I will eat these cherries as I watch the asteroids and comets burst through our atmosphere and destroy everything but the cockroaches..."
It is always good to have an exit strategy is what I am trying to say.

Did any of y'all know I did a performance the other night?
'tis true.
In front of a microphone and everything. It was really fun, and I did a good job. Any of you A Holes that were there can back me up on this.
Did I throw up from nervousness? No.
Did I start to mumble and then have my mumbling turn into full on sobbing? No.
Did I just stare blankly at the audience, dripping sweat? No.
In my book that constitutes a success.

Speaking of success, what the fuck is going on with this debt ceiling business? Is the refusal by Boner (sp?) to meet the President half way on this deficit just thinly veiled racism? What I mean is, are the Republicans that were voted into their positions, the same ones that are dragging their feet while speaking for the "American People" not a bunch of closet racists and/or in the pockets of Industry Fat Cats and Lobbyists that are grasping at straws in a weak attempt to make Obama look like he alone is responsible for the economic crises that are plaguing America due to all these tax breaks for the rich and super rich?
How so?
The man single handedly "killed" Osama Bin Dickhead!.. The worst guy ever!.. right after Cheney!
What more do you want for Christ's sake?!

I just gotta sit back and eat my cherries I geese.

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