Sunday, July 10, 2011

Arm Ends.

I was riding home with the family in tow, we were all on bikes, and I started to design a little wooden truck that I decided I would like to build. Sometimes it is just time to take matters into your own hands and do something with them. The matters I mean, also your hands. If you look over at your shoulders, and then look down the length of your arms, your hands are basically the end of your arms. That is, they are if you are moving down from your shoulders. So, a little wooden truck, that is what the universe wants me to make.

We were headed home from a Birthday party. You ever been to one of those? For little kids I mean? The only ones I remember from my own childhood Were ones that I was old enough to attend by myself. But it was nice because the Mom made enough cupcakes for everyone, and there was a lot of fruit salad that no one seemed to be eating, so I ate all of that and eavesdropped in the corner.

I am still getting used to talking with other parents in social situations like the one I was at this afternoon. I can't help it, but I don't really like talking about the children. I like talking to the parents as the adults that they are, and I want to know about them. But it seems like by default a lot of parents end up talking about their kids and it is at this point that I mentally check out of the situation. I try to maintain eye contact and listen for "buzzwords" that might signal to me that they have asked me a question, but for the most part I am not there. I am designing toys, or wondering how much something in the near vicinity might weigh, mentally re eating a particularly delicious sandwich I'd once eaten...
You know, stuff like that.

Later the party moved to a nearby playground where the kids got to run around and scream and the Birthday Mom told me about this 34 year old woman that she was in a band with that had shortness of breath, went to get it checked out and she had stage 4 cancer. Her lungs were full of tumors and she dies 4 months after the diagnosis. It was a sad thing to think about on such a happy, beautiful day. T said to me "THAT'S why you have to go get scheck ups regularly, so that if you have something they can catch it earlier." I said to T "THAT'S why you need to remember to be thankful for your life every single day you wake up."
Then we sort of just stared at each other and I think we telepathically agreed to meet somewhere in the middle.

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