Saturday, July 09, 2011

The Root.

God I love a good donut, or doughnut, or whatever you happen to call them.
In fact, since I am always on the look out for new information to expand my brain a bit, why don't you tell me some more about what you might call donuts while I eat the rest of the doughnuts that are sitting in front of us?
You know what you SHOULD call them?... GONE! HA! Because I ate them all, get it!?

I cut Mamma T's hair today, again, and I don't know why she even asks me to do this because basically I am just going to try and shave her head. I can't help it! I love her visible scalp! I love her ears the most though and it seems like she is always trying to hide them under some kind of hair-hat.

I don't blame her for asking me to do this, it's certainly cheaper than going to a salon and right now money is tight, all over... especially there. But I don't get why she even bothers explaining what she wants done because like I said, I just turn on those clippers and go to town! And I tell her ahead of time "I am just gonna shave it all off" and then we have a little back-and-forth about it and then next thing you know I'm ankle deep in hairs.

She had dyed it recently and then when she didn't like that, she dyed it again. The entire time I am just wondering what exactly she is trying to accomplish? I think she can identify problems but she is not always sure how to fix them? I'm not saying that her hair was a problem, SHE was saying that. And the solution she came up with was to make it blonder. But from where I was sitting on the couch, it wasn't the color that was the problem, it never is. So when she asked me to help her "fix" it, I knew what had to be done.

I look at hair as an occurrence, a happy occurrence. I consider myself lucky to have it, and I live with it until I don't like it and when I don't like it I usually just cut it off and start from scratch. But T looks at it, surprisingly, as yet another obstacle in life that was put on her head to torment her constantly and "look weird". THAT is why I always want to cut it off, because it is tormenting her and it can't do that if thar ain't harr thar...HA!

I look through our old photos, the ones that we used to get "printed" instead of "stored". So many different haircuts and colors. But my favorite ones are the short hairs, I like those the best. And I guess maybe I just associate the short hairstyle with a simpler time in our relationship when we would just make out, make food and make jokes and we didn't talk about our torments and obstacles because we just didn't give a shit.

Either way, the deed was done. I cut a whole bunch of it off, and it looks great. It'll take a little getting used to, and there is still a little more I would like to take off the top, like all of it maybe? But it is for the best really. Because we all need a fresh start sometimes, and we don't always know it when we do. And then sometimes we need someone to twist our arms a little to get us moving, just for the sake of movement. Maybe we need someone to tackle us once in a while with a clippers and give us a new head suit. It's for the good of the land.

I truly believe that it is for the good of the land.

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