Thursday, July 07, 2011

Sit Down, Stay.

Hey my Bros, what is up with you guys?
Me? Me, I'm chilling.
Like an ice cold glass of coffee sweating on the beach.

We had people over this last weekend past and that is why I been too busy to talk. I was a cooking machine! Like those kind in Japan. I made all kinds of food. Food like whoah!
It really brought back fond memories of a simpler time, a simpler summer when all I had to do was chop vegetables and roll burritos, along with mopping and taking out the trash, those were my main responsibles of life. Everything else was just sun and fun in the tent my dude.

Not that this summer is shaping up to be anything less than awesome, but it's just different.
And you know, it is nothing I would change really. My main goal in life is to just let things be, and then be around them.
Like for example I know some people that are always stressed out about how things is. The stuff they have to do on a day to day basis gets them down and they just get so mad about it. If they would just accept that it WAS in the first place, they'd be able to accomplish so much more with their time instead of pining for something that isn't and can't even be on account of their already spending valuable units wishing for something different.

I'm not saying I don't get bogged down with worry and anxieties and I am also not saying that the day to day grind almost beat me into submission. Sometimes it's a minute to minute basis I have to fight off the urge to stick my head in the sand, Ostrich Style! But I read an article one time about Steven Colbert and it really changed my life.
(there was also an article about Ernest Hemmingway that particularly ruled, but that's a different story)
Yeah, Steven was asked about how come he seemed to have no fear of consequences for his outlandish behavior and He talked about how when he was little his Father and Brother were in some kind of accident and were killed. After this trauma he said that it was sort of hard to return to school and act like any of it mattered. He was little, and again I may be getting parts of this story wrong, but the lesson I learned from him was that you can either be as awesome as you can possibly be all the time, or you can fall in line and keep your head down and never even try to be awesome.
Bad things happen all the time, to everyone, and life is no guarantee that you are going to succeed or retire or find love and happiness. Life is just life. It is like he saw this bad thing happen, and he knew it could have been him in that accident just as easily as it was his Brother or Dad. As sad as it is/was, he used it to propel him into the world with vigor and it's like he never looked back. He is a true champion of life, if only for the the fact that he lives it.

So I have to go pedal over and get the Burger. We got a date with some water balloons in the park.

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