Sunday, July 03, 2011

River Bend.

When I was little my Mom used to take me on these little adventures to a place in Racine called River Bend. I was really interested in reptiles and amphibians and my main joy in life was snakes.
So she took me to this nature conservancy and we'd walk the trails and I'd get to see things like ponds and trees. Sometimes there would be a guide there that would let us look at the aquariums and terrariums and I'd get to see real, live snakes and salamanders. It was basically heaven on earth for me. Chalk one up to Mom!

Today T had this idea to go to this park we'd never been to and it was awesome.
There was this little pond full of tadpoles and we saw a turtle and Burger hugged a tree.
We walked around in warm drizzle and we chucked rocks into the water.
It was also nice because it distracted The Burg enough that we T and I were able to talk and appreciate life, together, for once.
Then we went and got Pizza at Newpark.
You ever been there?
You should go to there.
It is a delicious slice of bliss.

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