Saturday, July 02, 2011


We are having a little cookout today.
I made a special salsa and we are going to put some brats on the grill.
I made potato salad and also got a watermelon.

Oh brother, don't get me started on that watermelon.
I had the doctor appointment yesterday, like I already said, and then afterwards I went and got some groceries. This is called multitasking, no wait... it's called life planning... Whatever, I was getting groceries and filling my basket as if I were filling my grocery bag so that I make sure to not overdo it and get way too much for one guy to carry. I was doing a pretty good job of maximizing space and visualizing greatness when I walk past the tower of watermelons. I told myself that it was not time for watermelons because I already got a pineapple and even THAT seemed like I was pushing it. So I got in line and waited.
And I looked over at the still visible tower of watermelons.
And I looked up at the monitor in charge of telling me which register to go to.
Then I looked back over at that tower of watermelons.

Flash forward and I am a block away from the grocery store, carrying my heavy load of groceries and a watermelon. I'm sweating in the sun and can't afford to waste the energy to cross over to the shady side of the street, doing so will add unnecessary time and distance to my grueling trek to the train. Oh yes, decided to walk a further distance to a train that would take me closer to my house instead of taking a train that was closer to the store but would require a further walk home. I blame the sun for confusing me and the whole way home I am working it out in my head and each time it is obvious that I made the wrong decision. The entire time I can feel my arms stretching with each step. Ligaments and tendons are being displaced and I am pretty sure that my shoulders are dislocated. My eyes have sweat in them and my hair is sticking to my face. My sunglasses are sliding off my nose and I'd be sobbing if I could only spare the moisture, which I can't.
All for a glorious, green, heavy watermelon.

But I do this to myself to make myself appreciate the little things.
If I am going to enjoy a wonderful summer treat that I had no hand in farming, harvesting or transporting to the store and on top of that, and on top of that I am not even paying the ACTUAL price for, shouldn't I put my dues in?
Why not?
I'm pretty sure this is the way of the future.

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