Monday, August 01, 2011

Long Time.

Yeah, I am sure that I have used this photo somewhere before, if you would like to bankroll a trip back to Anderson Dock so that I can take a new photo, then please let's talk about that after the show. Otherwise this is all I got right now, and it's tearing me apart!

I think that this weekend T has some kind of swimming planned, but who knows really, and what does that even mean? Unless it's a time machine back to this perfect day captured above, then it is hard to get my hopes up right now. What can I say? I am in a bit of a funk. If only because I am covered in a thin layer of funk, which happens every time I work up a sweat and then step out to the street. Some giant motorized beast goes rolling by and BOOM! instant funk layer.
Thanks but no thanks.

Don't worry about me though, I got plenty of pans on the old mental stove.
So don't you worry bout me one bit.

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