Friday, July 29, 2011

Bum Tan.

I think I sweat out all my problems and worries while I am sleeping. I grind them between my teeth, or what is left of them, and do some sleepy time karate to bust them apart like so many cheap pine boards. It could also just be the temperature and humidity that is causing these patterns in my sleep. Like I said before, I am no scientist.

If you want to give yourself a lesson in overcoming frustration try building yourself a cabinet with twisted, warped wood and really try and make it square. The thing is, you can't! You can not pull the entire thing square unless you want it to end up being more screws than wood. Once you have attempted this, and you are sitting on your paint can, sweat and sawdust collecting on your eyeballs this is when you console yourself by realizing what you were really supposed to learn was not a lesson in frustration, but a lesson in letting things be what they is and to quit trying to be such a control freak. Good job, you! Now go get yourself a frosty cold one at the Abbey.
You know they got free sandwiches for Friday Happy Hour!?

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