Thursday, July 28, 2011

Path Builders Unite!

It is so easy to accept the idea that the world existed before as it does now, just like it does now. Does that make sense? Like, you are looking around and you just kind of think to yourself "Yep, this is how it always was, give or take a few people and buildings and probably a whole lot more wildlife" But this isn't true. You know that, we all know that because there is history and photographic evidence to convince us otherwise. The thing that I have been realizing lately, over the last two months or so, is that I was taking for granted all the people that paved the road for us. Even the bad people that paved it for their own gain, some good seems to come out of almost everything somehow which naturally leads me to question the existence of good and evil in the first place, but that is a different blob.
Because good and evil are just words... right?
Moving on, It occurred to me as I was eating some food that I didn't grow that my world, the one I live my life in, exists because of the hard work of so many people before me that saw opportunity and utilized or exploited it to fit around their ideas... to push us all forward. This is something that I suppose has been pretty interesting to me for a while, but I just never really dedicated my brain powers to get down to the "why".
What I discovered is that the "why" isn't the real kicker in the first place! What really flipped my wig was realizing that ANYONE can be a paver. Anyone can lay the bricks for future generations, and in fact that is what we are all doing anyways, even if we aren't trying to, or don't even want to in the first place.
The best part is that you can sort of decide, whenever you feel like it, to put down paths to positivity... or negativity but I don't think it is a good use of time to build paths towards negativity since those paths are much easier to build and really what is the point unless you are just building them to teach others the importance of positivity...?
What this means to me is that you first recognize your potential in whatever field or areas that interest you and then you realize that you are in control of the path you lay. In my perfect vision of the world, we all do this for the greater good and help each other out by being resources for other path builders... Does this sound like I am trying to convince you to join my cult yet? I hope so!.. We have ca-ake!

I am just typing this out as it pours out of my brain, so for a lack of better terminology, I have to resort to the simplest descriptions possible. Okay?

Path Builders Forward!

I like when I see that people are ambitious, I like to see people that have ideas and make them into realities rather than just settle for an ambitious idea. People that get shit done, give yourself a hand. No offense to the people that don't, because this is a safe place of support and resource, this is my way of extending a path. The fact is that there are a lot of people that don't even HAVE ideas. So the fact that you have ideas, even if they only stay ideas, is huge. But the people that make things happen, those are people that always inspire me and make me examine my own situation.
This is healthy and it is important, I think, to surround yourself with people like this because it is almost a sure fire way to kick your own ass into gear. And let's be honest, only YOU can kick your own ass. Take a second here and give it a try. Now congratulate yourself for trying something new.

The opposite of this would be anyone that doesn't want you, or anyone else to actually follow through with what you know in your heart you were meant to do!! They don't want to try nothing new unless it is prepackaged and prepared for them. Stay away from these people. I don't mean like, shun them, but it is way too easy to get caught up in their problems, and really, you can't help everybody. Think of the masses that would benefit from your awesome idea, and then think about this one sad sack trying to keep you and your ideas down. You decide which is a better path here.

I've been lucky so far because people have believed in me. At some point I decided that they were believing in me for a reason, and then at this point I started to just believe in myself. I still accept compliments and applause, but the point is to stand on your own feet. Learning to accept that I believed in myself was probably the single greatest accomplishment of my life, besides perfecting my 380˚ slam dunk which, I am no scientist, but it looks to me like that's 20˚ more than you need.
And so, although I can't help everyone be an aerial gymnast like myself, I can give you this little piece of advice: Start believing in yourself and your ideas and think positively. It takes a little getting used to, but just watch at how your quality of life changes once you try believing in yourself.
We owe it to the world to be the best we can be while we be... Unless you happen to be the best at hunting whales, Fracking, spreading hate, Mencia impressions, chopping down the Earth's lungs, poisoning my coffee, giving out needless parking tickets, littering in front of my son, exposing yourself on the train, or ruining a good buzz from some ice cold beer.
In those cases it is best that you rethink your path.

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  1. Fucking inspiring man.
    You helped to boot my self confidence!
    I have ideas and way too many people I surround myself with don't care to hear or simply don't care.
    Thanks for being down to Earth and being yourself.
    Getting shit done. I'm all about that and have too many "friends" who don't have this same viewpoint.
    Once again thanks for the blog post.
    Keep it up.


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