Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What's Your Special?

Burger has been building this potato man lately, it's like his first joke. He brings it up to me while suppressing a giggle, he just thinks it is so funny that the pieces are not where they "belong". We look at each other and then we start to laugh. Then he asks me why I am laughing. I say "Because it's like looking in a mirror! A mirror to my SOUL!"

Let's see... what else...?
I got a new external hard drive and have been in the process of organizing and deleting all my 0'sand 1's on my computer. Just trying to stay on top of my "digital life", as depressingly stupid as that sounds sometimes.
Also I been reading those books about that Swedish hacker woman that kicks everyone's asses and rarely smiles. Its like reading a movie!
That is about it right now, my Huz is busy cramming her brain with information that she needs to know for a big test! Then she gets a little break.
It is all for the greater good.
The greater good.

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