Thursday, August 11, 2011

Like The Tides.

We walked down to the East River yesterday, it was just for fun, you know?
I like it down there because it is a pretty big river and there are lots of boats to watch and also there are some Geese.
Burger likes it just to throw rocks at.
It's win win if you ask me.

I was looking for crabs because we got this poster that named all the marine life that "lives" in the river and also one time I found a little crab claw in the sand. So I was looking for crabs and then I noticed this little pool in the top of an old pipe. It is the kind of thing that I would like to have in the middle of my living room instead of a TV. I could look at this pipe pool for hours on end. I imagined the tiny ecosystems that exist in what appear to be garbage the world over. This particular one right here, this little tidal pool must have a bunch of shit going on in there on a microbiological level. Our track of time slows to a crawl for he tiny inhabitants, life begins and ends over and over with hundreds or even hundreds of thousands of lives growing and dying in the time it takes for me to yell to the Burger to quit throwing sand.

Our world, our universe, it is all so tiny and grand. I understand the desire in astronomers to look to the stars in the heavens, I am not saying I understand what they see, but I think that on some level we have a common desire to see something new rather than re hash all the stupid, tiny problems here on Earth. Bill Hicks said that if we stopped fighting wars and instead unified mankind through the exploration of space we would find true peace. That is not verbatim, but it is the gist. And it is such a beautiful idea. Especially when you look at the people that are clamoring to be the next "leaders". I look at all these rich fucks that want to be in charge and it looks to me like a bunch of assholes fighting over a gold covered turd.

I've always been wary of people that want to be in charge of a group. And when I look at the people as of late that are making their bids to do that in the United States I feel Very Wary.

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