Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Crisp.

Burger goes "wewaaax". Out of nowhere, and I realize that he is reading my thoughts. Get out of my head boy! You guys get Six Point Beers by you? They started putting out cans of this stuff called "Sweet Action" and boy o' boy, it is something else. I found one in the fridge after we returned from the Mountains. What little elf could have been so thoughtful? Tonight this dude came over to use my tale saw. But then I ended up building him this contraption to hang his tapestry. On the SPOT! I tell you what, I was in a fuckin' zone! And all he could do was stand there in awe. I just hope that it ends up working, because otherwise, what a waste of a zone. His work will be in this show. These guys are going places. And I am not just saying that because they give me freelance work and are supportive of my own artistic endeavors. It's just that sometimes you have a feeling in your gut, right? You ever get those? Well, I do, and I did. In fact, that feeling is still there. I hope it's not appendicitis because that'd suck. Well, I got nothing else for thee now. But let's talk soon! lovemathew

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