Friday, September 30, 2011

Misty Island.

Figure out how to nap.
Might as well nap if you can.
As soon as I lay down someone's music becomes louder.
I wonder why do people listen to music so loud.
Each beat kind of makes me want to blink my eyes and that makes it hard to nap.
I should look it up.
When I am done with my nap.
Which isn't happening.

I am still sleeping infrequently and unsatisfactorily.

Today the Burger was driving me bonkers so I put him in a tree.
No, I showed him how to climb the tree though.
So that's something.

I had a dream that I had to pull a nail out of my head.

In this show that Burger likes, there is a princess pig and now he wants to be a princess.

Where would you go for vacation?

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