Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Street Sounds.

Welcome to Matthew 2.0!
That's what I said to myself this morning when my eyes snapped open and I realized it was 11 in the morning. 11 in the morning!? Shit, that might as well be 11 in the evening as far as I'm concerned. By 11 in the morning I better have gotten some things accomplished or else I kick myself so hard in the ass that I have to buy a new shoe!
In reality I woke up earlier than that.

I read that when "congress" wanted to slash unemployment benefits, they cited a study that said that unemployed people just slept all day. While this is not true for me, I certainly could understand why one would want to do this. It's like all of a sudden you are unplugged from society, and nature's way takes control of your circadian rhythms and pushes everything back a few hours. Anyways, after I read that first article, I read another article that basically told the first article to shove it up it's ass. In this second article it talked about how in the first few weeks of unemployment, yes one likes to sleep a bit more on account of how depressing it can be, but that after a while most people end up feeling much more productive in their personal lives. And I liked reading this.
The houses are cleaner, the children are happier and things are getting done.
Just not at a place of employment.

Today I definitely fell into the second article.
I was whirring and whizzing, purring and popping along.
I did more things than I could possibly will my tired digits to type.
The main thing I did was create a new website.
It was time to shed the old nickname and start anew.
Fresh I mean.
Another thing of the past is building and maintaining my website from scratch and across multiple design programs. What a headache and a total waste of time. For me anyways.

So today was a total success by every possible definition of the word.
And you know what they say about word.
Word is bond, son.

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