Tuesday, September 27, 2011

To The House!

I am always on the lookout for the silver linings in life.
Even when I am as tired as I was this afternoon.
Like, hey, I paid my credit card bill.
I should say I made a "payment", I didn't pay the entire thing.
If you knew my credit limit you would laugh and cry tears of pity and then you would look around and understand how (or why) I don't (or can't) live outside my means.
Then you would cry tears of reality.
Ha! Burn!
Seriously though, this is almost a record, 4 months in a row and the credit card bill is paid on time? Who am I and how did I get here?!

So that is something to be proud of, a silver lining.
Also, let's not forget that the Packers beat the Bears, sooo... Silver Lining!!
Burger tells me that he loves me roughly 10-11 times a day so you know that's a silver lining.
But he also tells me that he loves doors, socks, my socks, whiskers, yogurt, marshmallow cereal and Olivia the Pig as many times as he loves me, if not more.
Still though, silver lining.

My point is that even when you are so tired that the world seems to be growing darker and darker still until your vision is coming to just a pinpoint in front of you, it is imperative that you focus on the silver linings.
That way, maybe you'll wake up from your Deer Tick induced coma with a slight smile on your face.

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