Friday, September 23, 2011

Wet, Angry Mole.

Today I went to pick up Burger from daycare and because it was raining, I decided to take him with me to the grocery store in order to feed him later. All was well and good and we made it through the process in record time. I loaded everything into the car and when I was getting ready to back out a lady walks up next to my window and is pointing at something on the other side, by the passenger side. I rolled my window down and the woman says "Are you leaving yet? you parked me in so can you leave so I can leave?" I looked over at her car, and then I just shrugged my shoulders and started to back out. Since I have lived here I have had to check my manners a bit because I realized that I was often being too polite to people and usually walking away feeling like a doormat or taken advantage of somehow. And in this instance, the woman was being rather rude by accusing me of parking her in when I had just parked where the lines told me to park. The way I see it, she parked herself in by not adhering to the lines painted on the ground, lines painted for the sole purpose of giving everyone an equal amount of space to get in and out of their vehicles.

Someone needs to try and maintain order in the parking lot!!

So rather than get into it with her I just backed away, just like if I had had an unexpected run in with a badger, or an angry mole which she resembled much more than a badger. And as I am backing away she used her tiny fist and keys to bang on my window and when I looked over this time, she flips me the finger and says "fuck you!". Isn't that redundant?

I thought about all of the times that I wanted to do exactly what she did, but didn't. Even worse were the few times that I did. It never made me feel better, and Most often I would return to apologize when and if I could. There were so many things I wanted to do in retaliation to this small, wet ginger. But she was clearly having a much worse time with her day than I was if she was able to snap so suddenly. Plus I had the Burger in the back seat, so you know, I had to be a good role model.

So I drew this picture of her on my phone instead.
I tried to really capture the creases in her forehead, and I was a bit generous with the stink lines. To be fair, it was drizzling out and I couldn't tell if she smelled that bad aannnd she wasn't cockeyed, that is another liberty I took... also her neck was much more non existent.
All in all, I think I took the high road here.

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