Tuesday, October 18, 2011

At Sea.

And just like that there was a fish on the line.
I hate seeing the hook.
The hook is the worst part to me, barbed and jagged.
It looks really uncomfortable.
Like sometimes I am going to town on some tortilla chips, and as I am trying to make room in my mouth to stuff in more chips, I'll get stabbed in the mouth by a poorly placed chip.
A rogue chip.
Oh how that smarts!!
But from now on I'll just be grateful that it was not a fishing hook.

I spent the weekend mildly sick. Now I am feeling better, but I got a head full of snot.
It's like I can feel it sloshing around in there. I am giving up on trying to keep up with blowing my nose.
I'm not made of kleenex you know!
Kleenex doesn't grow on trees guys.

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