Thursday, October 06, 2011

Bacon Stew.

I was waiting to log on tonight and I saw a little blurb about Beyonce's new video where she apparently incorporates her "baby bump" into a dance routine.
First of all I hope that someone someday names their child bump, that just came to me.
And lastly it struck me how shitty it would be to be born to parents that pimped you out from before you were even born... Before you had a choice.
I think it would be a good joke if this coming "baby" ended up being the most uncool, non photogenic weirdo and no matter how hard the parents try, they just can't seem to commodify or capitalize on any part of it.
I'm not wishing any bad juju on no one, I just am so sick of these celebrities pushing their lives on us, never taking a break from an endless cycle of updates about what they are doing, fueling their own hype machines. There is such a detachment between these people and our own reality, they think we should give a shit and because they offer escape from our measly lives lots of us do. Give shits I mean.
Maybe it is that survival mentality and this is just their way of expressing their fear.
Fear that people will stop giving them shits.
And fear that they will have to give up some of the spotlight.
There are too many celebrities as it is, maybe it's celebrity darwinism.
The strongest, best looking, most shameless will survive.
I don't know.
I guess this is my shit for them.

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