Wednesday, October 05, 2011

I love The Sun.

The other night I was getting ready to watch the Larry Sanders show with T and all of a sudden SMASH! there was a car accident out on the street right outside our window. I looked outside to survey the damage and although it looked grim, it actually was just one of those accidents that sounded worse than it was. I guess we have car safety technology to thank for that.

One thing about the crash that struck me as funny was that the driver that was responsible for the wreck got out and ran away as fast as he could which wasn't very fast on account of his weight and his pajama/slipper combo and also because he was carrying one of those giant cups of soda from a fast food place. When he got out he yelled "I wasn't driving!" and then he ran away.
It seems like people should know better than to do that.
I think it is just natural instinct to want to escape.
I read about people that have such anxiety about dealing with the police that they have heart attacks and die if and when they end up in custody.

I have anxiety also.
I get anxiety when our old landlord calls my phone.
I feel like I'm going to throw up right into my lap.
He is our old landlord, but then one day the bank came by and said that the house was in foreclosure and that they would be in touch when it was time to move out.
But they haven't been in touch, and recently the old landlord started to harass me over the phone. But the bank told me to ignore him, so that's what I been trying to do but he makes it difficult sometimes.
The thing that gets to me the most about this guy is that he acts like this whole fiasco is my fault somehow and that it is my responsible to make things right.
He has one of those complexes where the world is stacked against him and I am just another weight leaned against him and pushing him to the edge.
This is also scary.

Lastly, I was sitting in a bar the other day, I had just taken care of all my business for the day and was rewarding myself by having a happy hour beer and watching highlights from Sunday Football. Life was good let me tell you. I was relaxing down into my thoughts when KA-POW!! something exploded in the street. The bar had large, floor to ceiling folding doors and they were open because it was nice outside and because of this there was no wall or window to deflect any of the explosion that scared everyone in the bar which was basically me and the bar tender.
"HOLY SHIT!" I screamed. I actually screamed this.
It turns out that a forklift had driven one of it's forks right through a giant, steel walled tire on one of those big diesel trucks and that tire exploded!!
Good lord.

I came home and told Burger all about it in the kitchen, and then later when I was putting him to bed he asked me to tell him the story again "only with Batman in it also".
As long as you're not some scheming ex landlord trying to wrangle money out of my barren pockets, I try to do what's asked of me.

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