Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Deliver me a stuffed camel.

This is a song I made up to help me achieve an obtainable goal:
"Working on my winter LB's... Gonna gain as much as I Pleease."
I sing it while I am cramming food indiscriminately into my mouth over the kitchen sink.

I heard this story once on the radio about this Mid Eastern dish that basically involved stuffing a camel with chickens and eggs and pumpkins and spices, basically it sounded like a feast for about 30 people, stuffed into the carcass of a camel, then the stuffed camel gets wrapped in some kind of native leaf, buried in hot coals and covered with sand and then the whole thing is left to cook for days and nights while everyone is dancing and singing and getting stoned off their asses. I don't remember if the stone part is actually part of the story, but it sounds about right.
Then when everyone is nice and hungry, they dig up the camel and eat everything, bones, sand, hot coals and all.

So when I am eating my feelings over the sink, I alternate between feeling like I am the camel, and wanting to be there to eat the camel.

Actually I was watching a show last night at a bar with my mentor, it was one of those food shows where they send some white guy to crazy places and watch him eat the local cuisine and we the viewers laugh at him when they serve a plate of steamed cockroaches or something like that. In this particular episode they were in Peru, and the locals basically cooked the camel dish, but they substituted the camel with lamb, and stuffed it with smaller items that will fit into a lamb. Because lambs are smaller than camels? It looked pretty great, the drinks and salads and fruits being enjoyed while a man played a small guitar and the ground smoldered away.
It really reinforced the fact that I haven't gone anywhere, or seen anything as awesome as a pumpkin stuffed lamb.

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