Monday, November 28, 2011

Let Things Be.

I woke myself up early this morning.
I must have wanted to do this even though I didn't feel like doing this.
I had nothing special I needed to do.

I forgot my Brother's Birthday was yesterday.
But I remembered my Mom's Birthday this year.
So it kind of breaks even.

I made coffee and I wished that the sky would light up sooner.
I sat in my chair and looked at a painting I am working on.
Listened to music.

Then I got antsy and I decided to go for a bike ride.
That was pretty awesome.
There was just enough light that I didn't need my blinkers but it was still early enough that there was hardly any traffic so blinkers didn't matter anyway.
The sunrise is a beautiful thing to appreciate probably where ever you are.
Unless you are in a super max prison and don't have a window.
That's sad to think about.
Anyways the sunrise this morning was great and I made it home just as traffic was picking up.
Win win.

My Huz is cracking out of yet another shell.
She is twisting, stretching and sweating away her suffocating rubber clown suit.
Which is typical since I feel like I just got fitted for mine.

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