Monday, November 28, 2011

Post Holiday Post.

Thanksgiving was the first holiday that I spent away from the family with which I had celebrated said holiday for all of my life.
You only had to take one look at the state of affairs in NY at the time to see that it was a traumatic experience for both my wife and I. But it was the road we had chosen.
Am I upset that I didn't have a crew chief?
We had dinner at Cafe Veselka, a place we settled on after about two hours of wandering and arguing. I can't speak for my Huz, but I was pretty upset about the whole situation. I mean here I was a thousand miles away from home with no job, no responsibles, and a room we had in exchange for watching our friend's dog, Beluga.
When I talk about it now though, it sounds pretty awesome.

That is the thing, I am sure people try and tell you this once in a while but, you are not going to be happier than you are right now. The beauty of this statement is that no matter what hole you find yourself in, no matter how bad you think you have it as of right now, eventually it will get worse and you will think back on what you thought was terrible and you will smile at the cozy thought "way back when".
And really it is all relative, because life moves along and you get used to it and hopefully you learn a thing or two about a thing or two.
Don't worry if you weren't paying attention and you didn't learn anything the first time around, life moves along and gives you more chances.

I am watching a show about a man that has dug himself into a very deep hole.
He did it for his family, but now he is in a place in his mind that he's never been before, he is accessing a part of his brain that he didn't even know existed, and it is awesome to watch!
Maybe you are supposed to be rooting for him to "fix" things so that he can go back to the before it all happened... But what I like about it, and what I want to see happen is that he will just go with it and let it all sort of just.. happen.

Had you been watching the show in which I had dug my hole in NY alongside my Huz and we were sitting, eating our Czech Thanksgiving dinner, perhaps you would have been rooting for me to "fix" things and get back to where things were normal and safe.
And who is to say that that wouldn't have been a fine decision to make?
It wasn't what I did though.
I just told myself that people move, and people argue, and be thankful for the experience and try and learn something from it.
And if all else fails, next year will be better.

The next year was WAY better, the holiday meal was awful, but the experience over all was much better. And then the following year I found myself in an apartment large enough to cook and serve a thanksgiving meal for like, 10 people (one of which didn't exist the previous year)!

This year we were invited to a friend's house.
It will be a new experience.
And life just keeps moving along.

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