Monday, December 05, 2011

This and That.

I been kind of a cranky jerk around the house lately.
I am really grasping at straws when it comes to picking argument material.
Some choice cuts would be:

"Why didn't you make enough hot water for the both of us!?"


"Who is this 'Bikram' and does he know you are already married!?!"

Ugh, whatever.
It's like they say, Everyone is a big butt sometimes.
And besides, I give myself credit for being this way only once in a while.
I mean to tell you that I am working on my buttish outbursts.
I feel like I got it capped at one a day.
Now I'll aim for one a week and see how it goes.

It's weird because the main problem is that I start out feeling like I am just trying to make a point or observation and then I just end up being a big jerk or something.

This is what I am told.
I wouldn't know.
I conveniently black out during these episodes.
What I mean is that it's not my fault.
It's yours.

I can not wait for date night!

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