Monday, January 16, 2012

Cold Blooded.

It gets cold in the Winter, there is not much you can do about that.
Well, maybe you could move to a place that is warmer, but eventually everywhere is going to be warmer, right?
Warm and under water.
The wave of the future I guess.
For now it is just cold, and today was probably the coldest day so far.
This didn't stop me from getting the boy out for a nice long scooting and a pancake date.
We do this on the weekends when T is busy heating herself in the yoga box.
She does that hot yoga, you know how they say blood sweat and tears?
This yoga aims for that, but replace blood with farts.
I just call it like I see's it.
Or smells it.
Anyways, all of this cold weather has gotten me thinking about the warm weather that is just around the corner really, I mean it goes so quick, you know? So I decided that this summer has to be special. There can be no wasting of this summer if you catch my drift. This last summer, had I been a little more prepared for the unemployment, I'd maybe have done things a little differently but I can't get down on myself for that, I was just unable to think on my feet at the time.
I like my time to plan.
So this summer should be different on account of how right now, all I got's s time.

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