Friday, January 13, 2012

When you're hot.


When you are hot you are hot, that is what they say.
Sometimes I am just sitting in my chair thinking some of the most amazing thoughts.
Just in case you were wondering how I spend my Friday Night Lights, that's just a peek.
And you know I'm eating some candy and having a glass of wine.
You know that's happening.

And then, just as I am riding high on my brain wave, I look down and see a whole new wave coming up from beneath!!
This whole time I was just on a little wave!? You have got to be shitting me!!!
Then I just have to hold on tight and brace myself for a whole bunch more amazing thoughts.
That's life, which is another thing that people say.

Eventually I have to turn off the lights and take a breather.
I mean to tell you that it is too much!!!
I need to make myself a bowl of cereal, or eat a cookie.
I gotta do some deep stretching.
Karate Chop.

Then I head off to find my family so I can dole out the hugs.

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