Thursday, February 02, 2012

Wizzard Turtow.

What is the worst?
Looking for parking spots while Burger is eagerly waiting to scoot around the park in his Batman outfit? Well that isn't the worst, but it is not the best. You see a little spot up ahead only to find out it is just some dumb fire hydrant.
Who even uses those anymore?
Haven't they heard of the internet?
Then after thirty minutes when you finally find a spot and you've made it through the fields and over the mountain and then down the stairs and around the trail and you are just wanting to play on the bars and swings Burger goes and says he just wants to go get a bagel.
In these moments I try as hard as I can to keep my screaming to a minimum.
I take a little deep breath and tamp my rage down into a hot tiny coal in the bottom of my guts.

Since T started back in class it seems like Burger and I are slowly coming to grips with the new schedule, which is actually the easiest schedule she's had since school started. But for the two of us guys, it still takes some getting used to.
Lots of macho posturing.
Chest thumping and all that.
Lots of bossing around.

Pretty soon it'll be Spring and then after that Summer.
That is what I tell myself while we stare into the middle distance, steadily chewing our bagels in comfortable silence.

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