Sunday, February 05, 2012

Hawk Country.

There are hawks living in some trees nearby our house.
It is pretty great looking up and seeing hawks.

I was moving some chunks of wood around the back and I found the above fishing pole that I made for Burger this last summer. He still likes it, but due to his growing imagination it is a bunch of other things now that I have lost track of so every time I call it a fishing pole I am not sure if he is going to yell at me that it isn't a fishing pole but something else instead.
It is really a good thing to watch him pretend.
I realized the other day how important it is to protect and nurture his imagination.
You might say "Duh!"
But it isn't as easy as it sounds so don't be such an asshole.
Obviously there is a whole industry built around toys and tools that supposedly help a child's imagination grow, but from what I have seen, most of them really suck.
They are so much more complicated than they need to be and I can never look at any of them without feeling like children are so much smarter than most of what we put in front of them.
They really serve more as a distraction than an engaging activity.
Watching Burger play with a stick and a piece of rope confirms these suspicions for me.
Because he isn't distracted by this thing, he gets down deep with this thing.
If only this stick could talk.
Oh the places it's been, the things it must have seen!

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