Wednesday, April 25, 2012

All Dressed Up.

There is a band called Refused.
Read about them Here.

I went to see them play a concert last night. (Actually 2nights ago)
It was sort of a congratulatory gift to myself for having had successfully gotten my show completed and opened and I think it was also a little bit of taking a trip down memory lane.

The beautiful thing about seeing this band live was that it gave me a lot of perspective on how I have changed, and why.

This band, what can even be said about them to describe what makes them everything I love about passionate people? They put out some early records, yes, but it was their last one that made all the difference.
They were on to something of a game changer, they knew what they had done was special and they were ill prepared to handle that specialness at the time.

Watching them play, it was like they had been flash frozen in the middle of a show 12 years ago and then transported to NYC where they were placed on stage and flash thawed and all the while they never missed a beat. It was amazing, it gave me hope for the tiny flame of youth that still burns in chest. You get older and that flame starts to die, you stop relating to what the "kids" are talking about. Why are they so angry? This is a question you ask yourself.
Having these Swedes rock my face off was like a kick in the ass.
The songs were great, and they played them well, but it was more about their energy, the way that they carried the crowd and how well they communicated that this was more than just hardcore posturing like so many other bands in that scene. You can tell that they believe in what they stand for and that is something that is truly lacking in almost everything I see nowadays.
It was so fun, sooo fun to be there and I am happy I went.
I almost didn't.
I almost pussed out.
I was scared to leave the house because I thought I would arrive to something that I was no longer a part of.

Quick!! Which T-Shirt am I gonna wear!? Ohmagawd, omagod...

Instead it was as if I had caught the band 12 years ago, flash frozen in the mass of sweaty people, transported to NYC 12 years later and flash thawed all without missing a beat.
There was no reason to worry, I belonged there more now than I would have 12 years ago.
The appreciation of seeing people that believe in what they are doing, excel at it and follow through with it is a timeless, rare treasure.
You are never to old to appreciate getting a chance to see that.

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