Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rather Be Forgotten.

Do you have any of these cards? Chances are that you might. If you don't already, check in your kitchen, on your fridge... Yup, there it is. Right where it belongs. Or maybe you decided to frame a bunch and hang them salon style. Because you are just that awesome and you see the genius at work behind them. My wife made those cards. She still does, even though she swears off drawing all the time. Then she starts pumping them out again and makes piles around herself that are quite dangerous to sit next to because they could topple over and crush the air out of your lungs. You would have already been struggling for breath due to the unbridled laughter. So it is entirely possible that a stack of paper might crush what little air is in your lungs at this point right out of you. Perhaps viewed on a single card by single card basis they don't seem special, but therein lies the genius because viewed as a while they are funnier than anything you ever saw and surprisingly they create a narrative that should be collected, recorded and stored in the bunkers where we keep all those seeds in case of a nuclear war. They're that good. No gimmicky bull crap, just pure emotional hilarity in a style that is light years ahead of whatever the current watermark is that is reserved for such things. So if you have them, keep them. And if you don't, get some. They will be your guiding light through this life. I swear! All she needs is an address. Yeah, that's a threat!

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