Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Crackin' One Open.

Oh man, I don't know where to start or where to begin.
I suppose I would say that patience is key.
Patience is key.
My roomies always want me to think ahead from months to seconds to hours and days and years away.

What are we doing today?
What are you doing later?
Have you thought about summer?
Later can we go on an adventure?

It gets to me after a while and it is the exact opposite of what I am trying to do inside my head which is to just think about right now.
Not right now, that was before, I'm talking about right now that is currently happening.
And it is hard enough to do when you are just by yourself.
That is why people that dedicate themselves to attaining that presence generally live alone, or if they choose to share their quest, they seem to do so in silence.
My situation makes it almost entirely impossible to attain my goal, and it is an exercise in futility to even try.

I try my best to be patient, and it has become a mantra of mine.
Just be patient...
I tell Burger to be patient all the time even though I am pretty sure that it is practically impossible for him to grasp what that actually entails.
That is not really fair to Burger because he can be patient, I have seen him do it, but his tolerance for patience and his shortish attention span don't really make for an ideal zen state.
He is no monk.
Neither am I.

So when I am telling him to be patient, it is more for my own benefit than his.
It is to lower my blood pressure and relax my nerves if only for a millisecond.

The frustration sets in when I lose my patience and yell at him.
I was feeling bad about this, and then I had a little breakthrough which was that since he wasn't really listening to my words in the first place then there is no reason to yell at him with actual words so instead I make a big noise and sort of wave my arms around.
What I noticed is that when I do this, then he listens.
If I yell "Don't climb on my legs while I am chopping these vegetables!!" it barely registers.
But if I yell "GRRrrarghhHH!!!" it's like I am speaking his language all of a sudden, and he wants to know what is wrong and how he can help.
It is interesting.
It is also embarrassing because I have started to do this while out in public with him.
Whatever works I guess.

That is the slogan I will use if I ever run for public office.
"Whatever works I guess"

Stay cool bro.

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  1. Anonymous7:38 AM

    genius! speaking their language!!!!


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